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Welcome to Search Submit 

Welcome friend, this part of marketing troll was put together to provide you with some tools that can aid you in achieving higher search engine rankings. 

We have several free tools available online at the moment.

  • Free search engine submission service
  • Free Meta-Tag generator
  • Free doorway page generator

In addition to these tools we also have a whole range of information on search engine optimization and submission. This information is located in our Knowledge Base along with many other types of marketing information.

I hope you find these pages useful, all these tools are provided free and I would appreciate it if you help support the site by adding  a link back to us from yours.

News / Updates      

28th Nov 03 - Version 1.5 of my doorway page generator script is complete, the script is not online yet but will be in a few days, in addition to this you will beable to purchase the script for your own website it has a metatag generator built in also better keyword placement on the page. If you would like to be notified when its available for purchase for your site drop me a line at

9th Nov 03 - Version 1.0 of my new more advance doorway page generator is almost complete, I am just added last touches to it and cleaning up the template a little. I will also be writing a full article on how best to use it. Also have plans for Version 1.5. But lets wait and get V. 1.0 first.

4th Nov 03 - I fixed the design for the search engine submission page. I also added a cool meta tag generator.  

6th Nov 03 - I added the doorway page generator and will be adding a more advance one soon, working on the code for it just now and will be one of the best out there.

Coming Soon

More advanced doorway page generator. ( 28th NOV, update: Its already complete and available to buy for your own site if you wish :) drop me an email. if you want to know more, the script will be online in a few days )  

A link popularity tool to enable you to find out which sites are linking to yours.

Keyword analyzer tools.



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