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What are Meta-Tags ? 


Meta-Tags are HTML tags which provide information that describes the content of the Web Pages a user will be viewing. Search engines have recognized that website owners and administrators can use this resource to control their positioning and descriptions in search engine results. Many search engines have now incorporated reading META tags as part of their indexing formulas. 

Below is a free meta tag generator, fill in the required details and hit generate. You will be given a page with HTML code, copy this code and paste the html into your web page.

You can use this as many times as your wish.



Met tag Generator


maximum 64 characters


maximum 64 characters


maximum 64 characters

Email address

Page title

maximum 100 characters


maximum 256 characters

Abstract (shorter version of description)

maximum 100 characters


maximum 256 characters

Browser Cache

Should the page be stored in the Browser cache?

Prevent Smart Tags?

Do you want to stop Microsoft from 'hijacking' your content?

Site Language

Character set

How should this page be indexed?

Document rights

Document status

Audience Suitability Rating


How often should this page be Re-indexed? 

Homepage expiry date

Example: Fri 31 December 2002

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